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2016-06-06 09:30 pm

Two plus something years later.

Long time no see? I had the sudden urge to post a few things, whether anyone will still give a shit about my lj or not~ lol! anyway here goes~ (ง °꒳°)ว

10x Bangtan Sonyeondan icons
10x iKON icons
20x KinKi Kids icons
30x WINNER icons

unintentional biased stuff this way )
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2013-11-09 11:10 am

A year.

Exactly one year has passed since my last entry! Yes, I'm still alive. (And LJ keeps getting uglier and uglier) I wanted to say a lot, but now that I'm typing.. I don't remember. LOL! Anyway I felt like posting a little batch of icons... it's not much and some I had lying around for my own use, but decided to share. And ugh the fanart ones are way too cute. :3 I had to make em into icons. So.. hope you like! ♥ after a year.. ahem.

36x KinKi Kids icons (+ fanart)

This way we go... )
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2012-06-06 03:43 pm

On sunny days, I pick up the scent of the ocean.

Total random post. I've been a lazy ass and didn't know what to post.. still don't so have a small post of poo, once again. It has also been a while since I last made some animated icons and to my surprise I made so many variations! (couldn't choose) Ahem~ and also a bunch of pointless gifs which I had lying around. Anyway! Hope you like? ♥

06x Sasaki Nozomi icons
10x KinKi Kids animated icons
06x NEWS icons
08x Arashi icons
06x Gifs (random: Eito's Maru, Arashi & KinKi)

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2012-03-18 08:58 pm

The foolish dance of the seasons are a constant ache.

I feel like I'm kinda running out of things to post so... I'm debating whether I should quit doing this or not. Oh well~ in the meantime.. here's a small boring icon batch of fail. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

06x Ikuta Toma (& Yoshitaka Yuriko) icons
35x KinKi Kids icons
07x Narimiya Hiroki icons

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2012-01-02 05:10 pm

Our future is blowing in the wind..

Beginning this year with a small icon post. Most of them have been laying around on my PC for too long AKA piled up crap, so I thought I'd dump em here. XD Also~ Happy New Yeaaar, everyone! ♥

15x JYJ icons
15x Arashi icons
15x Kanjani8 icons

This way we gooo~ ♥ )